Imlie 16th March 2023 Written Update: Imlie interrogates Dhairya

The Episode starts with Rudra telling his family that he never knew that patience could do this to them. He is a hardworking and dedicated employee for them. Akash feels that he has already trapped her and now it will be easy to put all the blame on him. He says that he also sent Grobians after Rana. Rudra didn’t want to make him the warden. Kia says wanted to steal patience and money so he did this scam. Arto gets mad at her and says that he will not leave her for trying to hurt his family. Akash tells her to calm down but Arto says that this is his family now and it has become personal to him.

Kia senses that Arto is in a revengeful mood and if Arto attacks Dhirya, they may be in trouble. He asks Akash what will he do if Dhairya says he is innocent. Akash says he will handle it even then. Patience is poor and no one will trust him. Imlie tells Satyakam that she has reached home and then asks Shivani what is with Dhairya and has she heard about this name as well. Shivani says that Arto and Akash went to file a police complaint against her. Imlie asks Kiya where is Akash and whether Dhairya is the real culprit. Kia says Akash can handle anything and patience cannot escape as he is sending goons. Imlie finally remembers that Akash took Dhairya’s name and said that Dhairya is on leave due to his mother’s illness. Then how can he hire fools from his house? He goes to stop Art from taking any wrong step.

There, Arto and Akash find Dhairya at her place. Imlie reaches the same place and thinks what is the exact address of Dhairya. A man repairs a broken water tank while sitting on the terrace. Suddenly the tank is about to fall on Imlie and she gets shocked. He catches the tank before it falls on Imlie. Water spills everywhere and Imlie notices it and hears her name. She asks him if he is only patient. He first mocks her and then jumps down to face her. She says he is not normal so she does not thank him for saving her. He says she is normal and again asks if she has patience. Dhairya says he is Dhairya Hooda and his friends call him hero. He asks him what his enemies say to him? She asks did he attack her family? Patience gets confused on hearing the allegations. Arto comes and asks Imalia to stay away from Dharia. Arto accuses her of betraying Rudra. He holds Dhairya by the collar and she warns him not to get angry. Arto says he will kill her today. Dhirya says if she gets angry then she can kill him too. Imlie stops Art from killing her.

Dhairya hears some noise and goes to his home. She sees Akash ordering his men to break things in Dhairya’s house. Dhairya controls his temper and does not break his silence. There, Imlie tells Kala that she heard Akash’s speech yesterday and Patience is innocent and can be blamed. Arto says what about him? He sees a woman coughing and the woman takes Dhairya’s name and says she is his mother. She also cries in front of Imlie and Kala and says that Dhairya had taken leave only to take care of her. Arto assures him that Dhairya will not lose his job. He tells Imlie that Akash lied to them. He decides to tell Rudra about this. Arto and Imlie drop her home and Dhairya’s mother breaks down in tears seeing the pathetic condition of her home. Imlie consoles him and Arto says that this should not have happened. Imlie says a poor person earns money by hard work and they should not face such humiliation. Arto says he will interrogate Akash for his act.

Precap- Dhairya breaks things in Rana house and Arto gets mad at him. Patience says Arto made his mother cry and he will not leave her because of that. Arto says the same thing. Both try to attack each other and Rana gets shocked.

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