How To Use Boomerang On Instagram? How To Create A Boomerang On Instagram?

Many users are eager to know how to use boomerang on Instagram and you don’t need to worry because we have mentioned easy steps for you in the article given below. See below for more information on how to use Boomerang on Instagram.


The creators named Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram in 2010, which is basically a social media network for sharing photos, videos and content from creators around the world, and now the app is known as Meta Platforms. Content creators around the world use this app to upload their daily content and other activities to media as it can be edited with filters, organized by hashtags and categorized by location. The public approved a huge number of followers for sharing their posts on their private and professional feeds. Users around the country can find many attractive and valuable videos with popular hashtags and materials such as photos, follow each other’s content, add their stuff to their professional page to get more likes and fame, and browse the content of others users to gain knowledge using tags and locations.

How to use Boomerang on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app or visit the website on your device.

Tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Scroll down and find the “Story” option at the bottom of the page.

Click the Boomerang icon in the menu on the left.

Use the Upload button in the middle to choose whether you want to upload photos or upload new content.

After Boomerang finishes recording, you can make basic edits like drawing, adding text, or turning the sound on/off.

Editing options icons are located in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can make additional edits to the text or artwork before publishing your Boomerang story.

Click “Next” to select where you want to send or send your boomerang.

Your boomerang will then appear in your story.

How to boomerang on Instagram?

Here are some steps to create a Boomerang video using Instagram:

Open the Instagram app on your device and access the camera feature.

Look for the Boomerang icon, usually located in the lower right corner of the screen, and tap it to start recording.

Once you’ve captured your Boomerang video, you can perform some basic editing tasks like writing or drawing on the video.

When you’re happy with your edits, click the “Tick” icon at the bottom of the screen to publish your Boomerang video.

What is boomerang on Instagram?

Boomerang is a video feature that allows users to create ultra-short videos by taking a sequence of quick frames and compiling them into a video.

These videos can be shared with friends on Instagram or posted to user stories.

What are the new boomerang effects?

Boomerang added several effects in addition to the original back and forth loop effect.

Users can now include effects like “Slowmo”, “Echo” and “Duo” in their videos.

The “Slowmo” effect cuts the clip’s speed in half, resulting in a video that is twice as long as the original.

The “Echo” effect adds motion blur to each video frame, creating a double vision effect.

The “Duo” effect fast-rewinds the video while also containing a glitchy transition.

There is also a new trim tool that allows users to trim a clip and select the start and end point of a boomerang loop.

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