How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android to iPhone Officially in 2022

Buying a new phone is always a great thing. You get a new device, a chance to start from scratch, and lots of new features offered to your new device. However, this operation may be interrupted if you need to transfer tons of data manually between your old and new devices.

This becomes even more difficult when you are traveling between different platforms. However, Apple tried to ease the pain of its new users last year by launching the Move app for iOS. The app has recently been updated to support the transfer of Whatsapp data between platforms, and here’s how you can take full advantage of it on your devices.

You will need to meet a few requirements to transfer your Whatsapp data seamlessly from Android to iOS. You can look at the section below and follow the guide once, the requirements are met.

What do you need

  • Android Lollipop, SDK 21, or Android 5 or higher
  • IOS 15.5 or higher
  • Move to iOS app for Android | Download Link
  • Whatsapp for iOS v2.22.10.70 or higher
  • Note: Do not install Whatsapp on your iOS device before. The app will be installed once all the required data has been transferred to your iOS device.

Whatsapp for Android v2.22.7.74 or higher | The latest beta download link
Phone number used to register on WhatsApp on Android
New or Factory iPhone
Android and iOS devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Note: If you do not have access to a Wi-Fi network, you can connect your Android device to the hotspot of your iPhone.

How to transfer your Whatsapp data from Android to iOS officially

Note: Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network before proceeding with the guide. You can also choose to connect your Android device to the hotspot of your iPhone as mentioned above.

Start by unlocking your iOS device and follow the on-screen instructions for setting up the assistant. When on the apps and data screen, press and select Move Data on Android.

Now download and install the iOS app on your Android device. Once installed, launch the same and tap Continue.

Touch I Agree. This is Apple’s TOC for the iOS Delivery app.

Choose whether you wish to send application usage data to Apple servers. We’ll choose Don’t post this example. Read More- iPhone 14 Full Specs and Features

The application will now request Location Permissions. Tap and assign the same to your preference. Additionally, open the area when closed.

Note: Location permissions are required to verify that you are connected to the correct iOS device. An application may not work without this permission.

You will now be on the Get Your Code page. Move to your iOS device and check its screen. Tap Continue to Move from the Android page.

You must now have the verification code number available to you.

Tap Continue on your Android device.

Now type the One-Time Code displayed on your iOS device.

Your iOS device will now create a temporary Wi-Fi network. Tap Connect to your Android device to join the same.

You will now be shown a data transfer screen with the option to select the data you wish to transfer. Select Whatsapp.

Tap Start on your Android device when Whatsapp is open.

Your data will now be encrypted and ready for transfer. Touch Next. This will redirect you to the iOS app.

Touch Continue and wait for the transfer to complete.

Note: Keep your device close to one another and connected during this process. Additionally, do not proceed with the process until both devices have notified you that the transfer has been completed. Android devices are known for displaying transfers that should be completed faster than iOS devices. Wait for the download bar to complete on your iOS device before proceeding with the guide below.

When the transfer is complete, continue the on-screen instructions on your iOS device to complete the setup process. When you’re done, install the latest version of Whatsapp from the App Store. You can also use the link below if needed.

Whatsapp for iOS

Open Whatsapp and sign in with the phone number you used on your Android device.

Once logged in, Whatsapp will automatically see the transfer data. Tap Start to begin the recovery process.

Continue with the on-screen instructions to set up Whatsapp on your device. If your iOS device is activated in Whatsapp, you should be able to access your old Whatsapp data within the same, including the old conversations.

What Whatsapp Data Transfer to iOS?

Whatsapp will transfer almost all of your data when using the Move app for iOS including the following.

  • Account information
  • Customizing a profile (Status, Profile Image, etc.)
  • Conversations
  • Individual conversations
  • Group discussions
  • Conversation history
  • Chat media
  • Voice Messages
  • Whatsapp settings

However, there are a few things that cannot be transferred to your iOS device due to privacy issues. These include the following:

  • display name
  • Whatsapp call history
  • Peer-to-peer payment messages
  • Payment options and other payment data related to payment

You will need to add this information to your new Whatsapp for each iOS device. Additionally, you will need to do something other than your previous call and billing history on your new iOS device.

Is my Whatsapp data shared with Meta or Apple?
No, your data is not stored or read by these companies as it is encrypted around the edges. However, it passes through Meta and Apple servers when transferring your data to verify the verification processes.

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