Google Asks Users About Their First Search Of 2023, Internet Reacts

Internet giant Google has asked its users to share and discuss their first search on the search engine as the countdown to the New Year 2023 has already begun around the world. Similar to other Google products, the post quickly gained a lot of attention on social media.

On its Twitter account, the search engine giant asked users: “What will your first Google search be in 2023?”

The post became an instant hit as the tech giant’s popularity is greater than that of any other tech company; the post received over 350,000 views and over 2,000 likes within an hour. The number of comments continues to increase as people express their desires for what they want to look for in 2023.

“How to become a billionaire without doing anything,” wrote one user. Another user commented: “Would Russia become a world power by the end of this year?”

“Mine will be in the form of a question: ‘Why do browsers put users at risk from hackers, fraudsters and malware producers’?” a third user commented.

Meanwhile, Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is working to make text and voice search available on the Internet in more than 100 Indian languages.

Its India CEO Sundar Pichai, who was in India this month, said the pace of technological change in the country is extraordinary and Google is supporting small businesses and start-ups, investing in cyber security, providing education and skills training and applications. AI (artificial intelligence) in industries such as agriculture and healthcare.

“I’m here to see progress on our 10-billion India Digitization Fund (IDF) over 10 years and share new ways. At our Google for India event, we’re helping to drive India’s digital future.”

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