Black Friday deals 2022: latest early sales

Black Friday sales and deals are arriving earlier than usual timings. The official date for the Black Friday sale is November 25 but few retailers are launching the best deal with huge discounted prices and prices are less than ever.

We have found and listed the deals on TV, Airpods, and laptops that suits you best with the best-discounted price.

Just today, Best Buy launched its “Black Friday Right Now ” sale with record-low prices on OLED TVs, laptops, headphones, appliances, and more. Target is also running a Black Friday sale on tech and kitchen appliances (opens in a new tab) and Walmart just announced that its ‘Black Friday Deals for Days’ sale will begin on November 7th and in stores on November 9th. We expect more retailers like Amazon to support holiday sales starting next month, so keep an eye out for upcoming deals.

Below, we’ve rounded up the latest sales from all your favorite retailers, followed by today’s best early Black Friday deals, which include our top picks from Best Buy’s early sales, along with exceptional deals from retailers like Amazon and Walmart. We’ll be updating our guide with all the latest deals as they drop, so bookmark this page as your one-stop shop for Black Friday.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday 2022 falls on November 25 this year. The actual date shifts, but the day of the week remains the same: it’s always the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Continuing last year’s trend of early Black Friday deals, we’ve already seen retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon launch holiday sales this month. We expect more early Black Friday sales to roll out as we get closer to Black Friday itself, and we’ll update this page with all the latest deals and dates as they drop.


We can predict what we think Black Friday 2022 will bring based on last year’s event and recent sales launched by retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Last year saw retailers launch their Black Friday deals earlier than ever due to concerns about delivery delays and supply issues. In fact, last year we saw the best deals leading up to Black Friday, rather than Black Friday itself. According to Adobe Analytics (opens in new tab), spending actually fell 1.3% on Black Friday, but rose significantly (11.9%) in November alone.

While we’re not dealing with the same supply issues as last year, consumers are facing high inflation and fears of a recession, which means retailers will have to really entice consumers with steep discounts and early sales. We’re already seeing this with Amazon, which is running a two-day sales event with early Black Friday deals earlier this month. Walmart and Best Buy and Target have launched their own competing sales with discounts on technology, kitchen appliances, housewares, vacuum cleaners and more.

These early Black Friday deals give us an idea of ​​what we’ll see on sale in November and what discounts we can look forward to. Some of the best deals included record low prices on Apple devices such as the recently released AirPods Pro 2 and Apple Watch 8, as well as bargains on older models of iPads and Macbooks. Other standout deals and top sellers included Crest Whitestrips, Lip Sleeping Mask, Instant Pot Air Fryer, Waterpik’s Aquaris Water Flosser and Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker to name a few.

We’ve also seen impressive discounts on OLED TVs, Amazon’s own devices, laptops, vacuum cleaners, toys and more. We expect to see similar Black Friday deals in November with slightly lower price tags for Black Friday 2022.

Where to find the best Black Friday deals?

Most online retailers offer Black Friday deals, but it’s our job to sort through thousands of deals to find the best bargains. You’ll usually find the best Black Friday deals from well-known retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, with Amazon coming out on top.

Amazon is a Black Friday favorite not only because it offers record low prices, but also because it offers discounts on a wide range of categories. So whether you’re looking for tech items like laptops, TVs, or AirPods, or looking for discounts on clothing, kitchen appliances, or toys, Amazon is likely to offer Black Friday discounts on the product you’re looking for.

Other retailers offering impressive Black Friday deals include Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Dell, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Overstock. It can be overwhelming with so many vendors and promotions, but that’s where our expertise comes into play. We scour every retailer to pick the best Black Friday deals so you can make sure you’re getting the lowest price available. We also keep a live list of the best Black Friday sales from all the top online retailers, so you can easily jump to the deal you want.

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